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Salesforce is the #1 cloud-based CRM software used by 83% of Fortune 500 companies as of Sep 2018. Salesforce evolved as the world’s best CRM platform, owing to its innovative, reliable and secured services over the years. Salesforce CRM can tremendously improve the way you run your business operations in the following ways:

Considering the vast possibilities, it offers, Prudent Technologies & Consulting Inc. has embraced Salesforce as a Service to help small to mid-size companies and large enterprises unlock a plethora of opportunities in the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) arena.

Implementing Salesforce could possibly turn out to be a complex and time-consuming process that needs extensive experience and a strategic implementation partner who brings in experienced resources with best practices to fully utilize all the features and functionality within Salesforce CRM.

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Here are some reasons to choose Prudent as your Salesforce Partner:

How can we help?

Prudent’s Salesforce Consulting team has experiences across almost every industry vertical and has architected and delivered several of use cases.  If you are a current Salesforce customer, we can help you maximize your Salesforce investment through our service offerings.  And if you are considering Salesforce to as one of the ways to improve the business operations, we can help you further define use cases, architect a solution, deliver a POC, and deploy the solution.  If you would like to learn more about Prudent’s Salesforce Services, please contact Rajesh CV at RC@prudentconsulting.com or 972-358-6020

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