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The Prudent Splunk Consulting practice provides Splunk product sales and Professional Services across the entire Splunk product platform, including:

Our team

Prudent is part of the Splunk Partner+ program and all Prudent Splunk PS Consultants have been trained by Splunk and have earned the accreditations required to deliver Splunk Professional Services thru the Splunk Partner+ program.  Our team includes Accredited Splunk Consultants in the following:

Splunk Health Checks

It’s no secret that Splunk can add significant value to any organization that uses data insights to drive critical business decisions.  The concept of Splunk is easy, the architecture and configuration, well not so much.  To maximize your Splunk investment it is crucial that your Splunk instance be tuned to technically and functionally so that you can get the most out of your Splunk Investment.  The Prudent Splunk Health Check is designed to help customers do just that, maximize ROI on their Splunk investment.  Our Health Checks are customized to each Splunk instance and are delivered by one (or more) of our Accredited Splunk Consultants following Splunk PS Best Practices.  We can provide our Health Checks as either a one-off fixed price engagement or as part of a scheduled maintenance program on a subscription basis.

Splunk Managed Administration Services

If you don’t have the expertise, budget, or existing staff to manage your Splunk instance, and just want to outsource the administration to a trusted partner, why not Prudent?  As a Splunk PS Partner, our Splunk PS team is qualified to provide managed services that are completely customizable to your situation.  Regardless of the size and scope of your Splunk environment, Prudent’s Splunk PS team can handle it.

Splunk Troubleshooting (On-Call)

What happens when you hit a technical snag in your Splunk instance, and you can’t seem to get the problem resolved?  Who do you call?  Call Us!  Prudent can help you with break/fix situations with an on-call Splunk Administration service that can be customized for any situation.

Splunk Tactical Services Bundle Subscription

If both Health Checks and On-Call services interest you, we can build bundled service offering that includes both on an annual subscription basis.  We can customize it to include Health Checks at predetermined intervals and On-Call Admin support based on a predetermined block of hours per month. 

How can we help?

Prudent’s Splunk Consulting team has experiences across almost every industry vertical and has architected and delivered solutions across hundreds of use cases.  If you are a current Splunk customer, we can help you maximize your Splunk investment through one or more of our service offerings.  And if you are considering Splunk to gain valuable insights from your data, we can help you further define use cases, architect a solution, deliver a POC, and deploy the solution.  If you would like to learn more about Prudent’s Splunk Professional Services, please contact Gid Lockhart at glockhart@prudentconsulting.com or 214-377-6653

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