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Sales and Marketing Cloud

Transform your sales and marketing strategies with Salesforce Sales and Marketing Cloud, a powerful solution designed to help businesses reach new heights of success. With a wide range of cutting-edge features and tools, Prudent empowers organizations to track prospects, manage leads, engage with clients/customers effectively, and drive revenue growth. 

Sales and Marketing cloud

Key Benefits

Get a tailored CRM platform to enhance your sales team's productivity and effectiveness. With Prudent Sales & Marketing Cloud services, you can:
• Capture & manage leads seamlessly and convert them into valuable customers.
• Effectively manage every sales opportunity and close deals faster. 
• Comprehensively track sales performance analytics and reports. 
• Foster collaboration & ensure seamless communication along with sharing knowledge. 
• Optimize email marketing efforts targeted with email campaigns to engage customers and nurture leads. 
• Amplifies brand presence on social media platforms with Marketing Cloud's social media management tools
• Crafts personalized customer journeys across multiple channels using Marketing Cloud's Journey Builder
• Our Custom Dashboard enables customer data management, tracks leads & opportunities, sales forecasts & workflows, and optimizes sales processes for maximum efficiency. 

Sales Cloud

Contacts and Opportunities

Contact & Account Management - Provides personalized experiences by listing & managing individual accounts.

Customer Information - Efficiently retrieve essential customer data such as contact details, communication history, and more.

Deals Tracking - Monitor deals
meticulously throughout
the life cycle.

Reach Enhancement - Easy penetration within current accounts.

Opportunity Management - Tailored opportunities to streamline your sales process.

Marketing Cloud

Campaigns and Leads

Campaign Management - Efficiently create, manage, and track campaign effectiveness and return on investment (ROI).

Lead Management - Effectively monitor leads from various sources and assign them to appropriate teams or individuals for prompt follow-up while they are still highly valuable.

Lead Generation- Generating and targeting leads based on specific audience criteria.

Customer Engagement - Effectively connect with customers by delivering the appropriate message at the opportune moment and through the optimal channel.

Customer Journey - Personalize customer journey by nurturing leads.

  • Sales Efficiency
  • Sales & Operations Analytics

Enable collaboration within sales teams

Enable workflows and approvals

Keep track of customer communication

Access from

Reports and Dashboards

Opportunity Scoring

Pipeline and Sales Forecasting

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