Cyber Security To Protect Your Organization’s Digital Assets…!

Cyber threats are continuously lingering around you and we believe that a strong defense and better cyber security services are essential for every organization. That's why Prudent technologies and consultants are here, we are highly qualified and motivated cyber security service experts who are continuously providing services to our clients, Splunk, McAfee and Data Bricks. Our services are designed to empower the most proactive cyber security technology.

Our focus is on helping our clients manage their cyber risk, avoid potential breaches and to deter, detect and respond to the most sophisticated cyber-attacks. We strive to secure our clients’ information, technology, and networks from the many threats that they face. Our comprehensive cyber security services not only help Splunk, McAfee, and Data Bricks's businesses to assess, build and manage the capabilities, but also enable them to respond to incidents and crises.


Security & Compliance

The Prudent Integrity Suite provides a comprehensive set of security, auditing, and compliance tools to ensure the integrity of your entire IT Infrastructure

Detect changes to critical files.

Prudent’s File Integrity Monitoring can detect changes to critical files including system, application, and configuration files. Monitor registry, installed software, local users/groups and more. Powered by Prudent IP technology, you can now detect zero-day attacks and unauthorized changes in real-time, while simultaneously complying with regulations such as PCI-DSS, HIPAA, NERC, and FISMA.

Maintain a secure state

Protect against external attacks that slip by your firewall or intrusion detection system. Prudent provides complete visibility. Identify and respond to internal threats originating from inside the network or even the occasional accident by IT personnel.

Any Change with Integrated Ticketing

Automate the detection and documentation of all changes within the IT infrastructure. This simplified process for creating and dynamically updating authoritative baselines saves time and resources.

Total file system and device integrity monitoring

Ensure the integrity, security, and compliance of all critical components within your IT infrastructure.

Security In the Cloud

Your cloud infrastructure faces a continuously evolving and complex set of threats that don’t always fit a standard profile.

While perimeter and signature defenses such as firewalls, intrusion detection, vulnerability assessments, patch management, access control, anti-virus and anti-spam are very important components of your security strategy, they are often defenseless against zero-day exploits, individual attacks, social engineering and insider exploits.

Prudent is attack-vector independent and provides unprecedented security and compliance capabilities to your organization. Prudent’s automated detection process, flexible response options and auditing capabilities make it a powerful information assurance and security tool.

Regardless of size, every organization faces the challenge of maintaining the integrity of their IT infrastructure. Failure to do so could result in lost revenue, lack of consumer confidence, legal or regulatory ramifications, negative publicity and embarrassment.

Prudent helps you continuously maintain a secure state by protecting your organization against external attacks that slip by your firewall or intrusion detection system, as well as internal attacks that originate from inside your network or the occasional accident by IT personnel.



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