Success Stories

Helped clean up existing APEX code and CPQ Implementation

Name : Robert Seeds

Company Name: Apartment SEO

Our company recently implemented CPQ and were running into issues since our org had existing APEX code that was erroring out the system. Our Sales Rep found us RC and his great team at Prudent. We were able to start right away and within a couple of video calls, we were able to show them the issue. Prudent was able to analyze the issues and find a remedy for all our APEX issues. RC and team Prudent went above and beyond to resolve our Apex issues from our previous implementation. We highly appreciate all the great work that they do and will continue to use them going forward. Thanks again to RC and your team at Prudent!

Establishing Effective Salesforce Usage

Name : David Tucker

Company Name: Wind, Water, and Realty

I was looking for a company that would set up, clean up, and establish effective reporting with my salesforce data base. Prudent made a seamless transition to the new lighting experience with my staff and management through effective training and set up. This transition has been smooth with Prudent advisement. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to have an effective database managed through salesforce.

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