How to Examine the Latest Features and Capabilities of Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud in 2023

June 30, 2023


Salesforce announced the release of the new Nonprofit Cloud, what does this mean, and what new features are included? 

The new update of Nonprofit Cloud will be released on July 18th, 2023, and will include a large assortment of features such as Case management, Program management, Grantmaking, and an Accounting Subledger. The Nonprofit Cloud is now built on the Salesforce platform directly, which gives nonprofits more customizability and visibility to constituents.  

Learn more about what the future of Salesforce nonprofits has in store right here!  

Salesforce’s Vision for Nonprofits 

Salesforce wants to put the best technology in the hands of those who can make an impact. No matter the size of the organization, it is never about one person working alone. Teams of people work together to help any organization achieve its goal, and it is more-so important for non-profits to have communication between team members. This is why Salesforce wants to make it easier to break down information silos within the organization and deliver on four main goals. 

  • Deliver programs through program and case management. 
  • Grow fundraising income with data intelligence and insights. 
  • Know and expand a community with personalized experiences. 
  • And measure, learn from, and share the impact. 

With the new Nonprofit Cloud, Salesforce has new solutions built directly into the core of Salesforce, changing from the tactic of layering nonprofit applications on top of the platform.  

The new generation of Nonprofit Cloud has a new way to support your programs, and case management, with Fundraising capabilities coming soon this year.  

What are some Features that are now available in the Cloud? 

Before the update, the Nonprofit Cloud included Sales Cloud and Service Cloud which provided the intricate layer of functionality to manage accounts, leads, contacts, and even campaigns. Now, the new Nonprofit Cloud includes Program Management and Case Management, focusing on fundraising, grantmaking, engagement, and outcomes to be released in 2023. Though fundraising has not been included in the list of features as of the most recent release, you can rest assured that Salesforce is working diligently to make sure that fundraising features will be added soon. 

Nonprofits will now be able to take advantage of features that other Industry Clouds such as Financial Services Cloud, Health Cloud, and Education Cloud on Salesforce have already been able to enjoy.    

Use new features in programs including: 

  • Action plans to define a checklist of tasks, documentation requirements, and approvals.  
  • The timeline component to consolidate program activities by chronologically tracking program and benefit activities. 
  • OmniScript to schedule a workflow to offer guided interactions for program managers. 

New features across case management include: 

  • Scaling Dynamic Assessments by creating them for accounts, contacts, and cases. 
  • Harnessing guided flows to define and manage benefit schedules.  
  • Simplifying guided flows for referral intakes using OmniStudio components. 
  • Previewing Care Plan Templates and Summary to see the plan in one view. 

Salesforce helps with faster and easier access to nonprofit technology with the full platform. The new way of innovating provides a deeper look into insights and allows you to provide your supporters with a full view of your programs, fundraising, engagement, and outcomes.  

Tools such as Life Events, Actionable Relationship Center, Accounting Subledger, and Timeline, help streamline the business process. Nonprofit Cloud uses Person Accounts and Party Relationship Groups. Person Accounts let you record people as contacts on an account, and even as accounts, and Party Relationship Groups let you draw connections between individuals and organizations.  

The new Nonprofit Cloud provides a greater Cross Sector Impact because it is built directly into the Salesforce platform which makes it easier for industries like Health & Life Sciences and the Public sector to adopt. Technology facilitates collaboration with individual program participants, governments, and healthcare organizations, fostering cross-sector engagement to effectively accomplish tasks and goals. 

Grant-making organizations also continue to play a critical role in the nonprofit sector. It’s important for grantmaking organizations to think about how to streamline processes for everyone involved. Salesforce aims to focus on providing flexible, efficient, and collaborative tools to solve the manual, time-consuming processes that grantmakers face. With the new update for Salesforce coming July 18th, grantmakers will have: 

  • Data models to build and manage applications, budgets, funding opportunities, and awards.  
  • Portals to make it easy for grantees to complete actions in the grants management process.
  • Preconfigured portal templates to accelerate implementation, saving time and letting grant makers focus less on setting up systems and more on funding initiatives.  

What does the new update mean for Nonprofits? 

If your nonprofit already uses Salesforce NPSP right now, you do not need to rush to update anything. The Salesforce will continue to support any features that you may be using and allow you to decide whether to move to the new Nonprofit Cloud.  

As summer ’23 kicks off, nonprofits strive to deliver on mission values, while grant makers will look for better ways to make it easier for nonprofits to receive their funding to engage and deliver on their commitments.  

Thanks to the Power of Us Program, which offers discounted Salesforce technology to educational institutions and nonprofits, Salesforce is set to deliver the latest Nonprofit Cloud updates to more than 56,000 users solely through the program. Salesforce grants nonprofits the right to use their Nonprofit Success Pack or the new Nonprofit Cloud with a total of 10 user licenses in most cases.  

If your nonprofit currently has 10 donated licenses of NPSP through the Power of Us program, there will be no change, but if your nonprofit wants to move to the new Nonprofit Cloud, you will need to make sure you work with your Salesforce account manager to move the ten licenses to the new cloud. If your nonprofit is moving to Salesforce as a new client applying for 10 donated licenses through the Power of Us Program, Salesforce will assume that you will be using the new Nonprofit Cloud. If you do not want to use the new Nonprofit Cloud, you will need to apply for the 10 donated licenses through your Salesforce account manager.  

 If you do not currently use Salesforce, you can still use any currently available package, such as those for fundraising, program management, case management, and volunteer management. If you do not use Salesforce already, you also have the option of becoming an early adopter of the new Nonprofit Cloud, especially if you want to start with and prioritize Program Management and Case Management.  

Why did Salesforce Launch the Nonprofit Cloud? 

Salesforce believes that change is driven primarily by people, but sometimes, people need the help of technology to drive that change. Salesforce’s existent nonprofit cloud is a good way to consolidate all the donor data into one spot, but with the new Nonprofit Cloud, nonprofits can provide even simpler ways to produce and measure outcomes. The Salesforce wants to make it easy to provide an answer for all your organization’s unique needs, and make sure that your nonprofit grows with the world. 

Navigating the new features of Salesforce Nonprofit to be released later this year will help your nonprofit benefit in many ways. Taking a step back and assessing your Salesforce needs can be difficult. Check out Prudent now to make sure you’re maximizing your Salesforce potential, and to stay up to date on current trends and future updates.

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