How Salesforce Customer 360 helps businesses in 2023?

March 20, 2023

Salesforce Customer 360 uses a single source of truth to operate for the most precise full view of your customer. This one integrated platform can be used for Sales, Service, Marketing, Commerce, eCommerce, Analytics, Integration, Industry-specific, Employees, and Partners. And today we are diving into customer 360. What is it and how does it work? 

What is Salesforce Customer 360? 

Salesforce Customer 360 isn't a single product. It's the entire Salesforce portfolio of technology and services. Salesforce Customer 360 is the number one ranked Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform that helps companies unite their teams with a shared view of every customer.  

Your teams have best-in-class apps to work from and they all have the same customer data. It's everything that you need to deliver great experiences. We all know data is the fuel of computer systems that run, and today's companies have more data than ever floating around their computers, including customer data. And a lot of times all this data is stored in different systems, even when it all belongs to the same business. 

Sales teams use a combination of their inboxes plus spreadsheets to track their deals. And the marketing team juggles a few different tools for their campaigns, events, and content marketing without an easy way to tell sales which leads are ready for some direct outreach. The service team responds to the customers on a completely different system so they can't easily tell the marketing team whom to stop emailing because they have an open ticket. And then the leadership team asks everyone to manually update spreadsheets so they can look at the business’s big picture. 

But, by the time the spreadsheets are updated, they're already out of date. I mean, look at all those information silos. This is exactly where Salesforce Customer 360 comes in. It breaks down those silos, 

so that you can connect the teams and the data.  

How does Salesforce Customer 360 work? 

When teams can easily share information, everyone gets a more complete view of the customer 360-degree view, which looks more like this. Your sales team knows who has recently visited your website so they can discover better leads. Meanwhile, your customers who have questions can find your answers faster on your website.  

Self-service portals and chatbots give your customers frequently asked questions about what they want in real-time, all while giving your agents more time to keep customers happy. And your marketing department knows which customers have open cases, so they won't reach out to that customer with promotions while they're experiencing technical issues.  

It's the whole company that we are talking about, say, marketing, sales, commerce, service, and I.T. teams, no matter what size of business or what industry. All use the same platform, sharing data, updating records, and seeing a full view of every customer. That kind of 360-degree view enables you to deliver seamless, consistent experiences. And this is what it's like when Customer 360 is your single source of truth for all your customer data. 

And it is truly amazing what happens when all of your teams have best-in-class apps to work from. Everyone is empowered to work from anywhere and still provides a seamless, consistent experience that amazes your customers because, you know, your customers want to have an amazing experience. 

Am I right? Yeah, I am. 

So, we got a good idea of what Customer 360 is and what it can do to connect people and teams in your business. 

What do businesses actually get? What is included in Customer 360? 

And I think a better question might be: what's not included? So, let's get a little deeper, let's dive in even more.  

Sales Cloud - Managing every step of the sales journey, helping every sales rep to be effective and close more deals with Sales cloud. Read our full blog to know more about Sales Cloud. 

Service Cloud - Service cloud makes it easy to deliver personalized customer service experiences, connect every channel, personalize every engagement, and scale every process as your business grows. Read full blog to get knowledge on Salesforce Field Service Lightning. 

Marketing cloud - helps you reach audiences across all your touchpoints: digital advertising, email, mobile and social. And it's not just about growing in size. It's about helping your customer relationships grow stronger. Read our full blog here.  

Salesforce Commerce Cloud - All kinds of companies are using Commerce Cloud to grow their online businesses by delivering seamless experiences without all the complexity and hassle.  

Right? Get to know your customers, humanize every moment, and reach customers with personalized messaging on the channels they already like using.  

How to simplify processes and cut costs at the same time? 

Commerce Cloud helps cut through the complexity, wait until you see what Customer 360 can do for your data. This is all about your data analytics because analytics is an easy way with Tableau and Einstein. Now, if you haven't tried Tableau, you've got to check it out. It's a data visualization tool, which turns into charts and graphics, and other visuals. 

Combine that with Einstein Analytics, which analyzes data to create actionable insights you can actually use to help make real-world decisions. And you have some serious business intelligence right at your fingertips. You can build apps and integrate them with other business systems and Salesforce Customer 360 works for any industry as well. 

Now Salesforce solutions are tailored to your businesses and verticals are created with industry experts to help you modernize your business, save time, and lower costs. 

What is the game changer?  

CDP stands for Customer Data Platform that is powering the next generation of CRM, it gives your company the ability to manage the entirety of your first-party data to give you a complete view of your customers. We're talking about personalized, real-time, and scalable data. 

Slack is another big part of Customer 360, which is basically a software. Salesforce and Slack bring together all your teams with the messaging apps and data that they need in one workspace. Now everyone can collaborate from anywhere, whether that's from the office, home, or your kid's basketball game, when they are resting on the bench, etc. And that's how Customer 360 empowers companies to deliver results. 

So, whether customers are meeting in person or answering emails, or chatting on the phone, Salesforce has one platform connecting every touchpoint, helping businesses of all sizes in every industry. Customer 360 is big, and all the products are rated best-in-class by leading analysts. 


The million-dollar question here is…Do I have to use all of it? Does my business, which could hypothetically benefit from, let's say, Sales Cloud and Service Cloud, but might not with the other pieces, at least not right now!  

Do I have to sign up for the whole enchilada?  

Of course not. Everything is designed to be used individually or together. It's a system and it's customizable to fit your business and your unique needs. When you do start using these products together, that's where the real magic happens. There's an incremental value thing that starts happening here. Think of it as a one plus one equals three kinds of thing. Like, the products are all designed by Salesforce. They're designed to work together with a common vision, roadmap, and best practices defined - like cross-product workflows and processes. 

And they come pre-integrated. No more building yourself because nobody has got time for that. Now, when you put two or more of the products together, they help teams work better together. And business leaders know when you can improve communications and productivity on individual teams and across multiple teams, the whole business realizes greater success. 

How does all this Customer 360 work day-to-day in my business? 

Well, Customer 360 works, and it can work one way now and then change over time as your business grows and evolves. Every company is unique and Prudent’s Salesforce consultants can help you find the right solution for your business and your customers. And the even better news is that you can get started with simple next steps 

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