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February 02, 2023

In most organizations, sales teams often complain about hours spent on activities not related to sales. It's true, there can be a huge number of administrative tasks in sales. From managing customer records to contacting leads, sometimes sales can feel more about paperwork rather than selling. 

Consider a sales rep's day-to-day work routine - identify prospects, contact leads, track conversions, report progress, gather and update customer information, collaborate with marketing teams and close deals. That's a long list of tasks. 

Now, consider a large B2B enterprise, manufacturing thousands of products and working with many customers across the globe. Imagine the manual work involved to maintain the sales process and related records for these many customers. It's unsustainable. This is where a centralized sales management software comes into the picture. 

A streamlined Customer Relationship Management system breaks down silos and provides better customer insights through artificial-intelligence- powered predictive analytics. 

There are quite a few sales CRMs that help manage your sales pipeline (prospects, leads, contacts, accounts, person accounts, and opportunities). Salesforce Sales Cloud CRM platform with Al add-ons is a great choice as it creates a smarter selling pipeline through lead scoring, activity capture, opportunity insights, and account insights. 

Salesforce CRM and SFA

Salesforce CRM and SFA 

Salesforce offers CRM and Salesforce Automation software to enable smarter prospecting, collaborative selling, and customer management. 

Salesforce SFA helps you court-and-convert a prospect. It enables the sales team to organize and manage the entire sales pipeline (identify, track, and reach your potential customers) over a central repository. 

Sales Cloud CRM helps you keep a client. It enables efficient management of customer interaction throughout the customer life-cycle. 

Salesforce Einstein for Your End-to-End Sales Pipeline 

According to Salesforce "Sales Cloud Einstein is your own data science department that learns from your team's sales activities and CRM data, it helps you identify the best leads, convert opportunities more efficiently, and retain customers with ease." 

Sales Cloud is enormously an efficient software, that collaborates the power of predictive data analytics into an intelligent CRM, to boost your sales team's productivity with customer behavior predictions, smart recommendations, and intelligent automation

Einstein Activity Capture 

  • Einstein Activity Capture syncs your emails and calendar. Both are automatically connected to the appropriate Salesforce customer record. 
  • This helps prevent email silos, while creating a centralized view of all customer email communication. 
  • Activity Capture comes with customizable privacy settings so that admins can blacklist specific domains and sensitive email addresses (investors, board members, internal emails) from capture and analysis. 

Sales Cloud Einstein Insights 

  • Einstein Opportunity Insight Model keeps you updated on the sales process with prospects, so that you can close more deals. It analyzes historical sales cycles, email exchanges, and engagement, additionally uses intelligent Al analytics to provide data-driven predictions, key recommendations, and suggest follow-ups so that your next action is a smart one. 
  • Einstein Account Insights analyzes thousands of geography-based news articles and alerts you to critical occurrences, such as merger-and- acquisition activity, expansion scoops, and other developments affecting your accounts. 

Einstein Lead Scoring 

  • Unlike traditional rule-based lead scoring approaches, Einstein Lead Scoring uses data science and machine learning to analyze your lead conversion patterns and provide informed predictions. 
  • The tool provides a score to your current leads by comparing their similarities with leads that have converted in the past. 
  • Lead Score is refreshed every month by re-analyzing lead data every month. 
  • This enables sales representatives to prioritize and contact leads accordingly. 
  • Einstein Lead Scoring enables faster conversions and improved sales productivity. 

Leads are the most crucial aspects of any business. However, dealing with a huge number of sales leads and accounts can be overwhelming. This is where Al-powered Intelligence can come in handy. With Salesforce Einstein Forecasting predictive models, you not only manage your leads but can also prioritize them to close the most promising deals faster and make that money. 

Salesforce Implementation Specialists at Prudent Technologies and Consulting Inc. are a call away from introducing you to a world of smart, intelligent products on Salesforce. 

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