Application Development

Aggregate Cutting-Edge Applications to Drive Collaboration

In this world of fast changing business dynamics, the only predictable law is change. Market demands, customer satisfaction and multiple requirements of clients make it imperative for businesses to seek partners who understand their technical needs and create applications for them within the shortest time to market.

Prudent Consulting specializes in delivering custom applications, based on extensive research of your business domain, technology roadmap, methodologies and existing applications. We offer application development, maintenance and support, which adhere to industry standards and best practices. Our application development experts offer feature rich applications using .NET and Java technologies and span the entire application lifecycle.

Prudent specializes in SharePoint, Microsoft’s business collaboration platform, which enables our customers to collaborate internally, as well as with their partners and clients. Our SharePoint experts help implement content management features, which provide your employees access to relevant information and enable document sharing. With SharePoint, we help our customers organize and incorporate information within a single web-based application.

Besides SharePoint, we also offer other class-leading, within budget app development tools that are designed to enable software developers to easily build and deploy custom, cross-platform applications. We provide a number of app development tools from which our clients can select the solution best fitted for their unique requirements and specific goals. Our team of expert consultants works closer with our clients to help them choose the solution that is right for their business needs.

Custom Development

Keep pace with shifting demands and requirements by developing custom applications

Constant change in the market requires businesses to constantly modify their strategy, and this entails developing or enhancing their existing custom apps to be able to address the ever-changing needs and expectations of their business users as well as customers. However, building and deploying custom apps can be as complex as revamping the whole business process even as the custom app development cycle requires apportioning enough time and budget. This is where Prudent Consulting can help.

We have the tools and expertise you need for developing and enhancing your existing custom apps required by both of your customers and business users. Our expert team can help you select the tools and platforms appropriate for your business aims and budget solutions. By leveraging our custom development solutions, you can focus more on your core business processes while we enhance the quality and speed-to-market of your e-business applications and maintain and improve the efficiency of your custom legacy applications. We can provide you leading-edge resources and flexible services for your unique business needs.

New Application Development

Translate your creative ideas into applications

In order to stay ahead of the competition, today’s businesses persistently create innovative ideas; however, translating those ideas into applications can be a daunting task as it requires the right skills and resources. Thus, it has become an imperative for businesses to look to solutions vendors who can enable them to translate their great ideas into applications while keeping costs to a minimum.

We at Prudent Consulting are dedicated to work closely with our clients, explore their ideas, review technology options, and develop net-centric applications that can help businesses drive more growth, improve productivity, and maintain a competitive edge in today’s market. We provide our clients the right technology for setting up new e-business strategies that are significant in advancing their new initiatives. We also have an army of new application development experts who can guide you through the entire app development cycle. By leveraging our solutions and expertise, you can translate your ideas into applications while keeping costs in control, and you will be able to focus more on your other mission-critical business processes.

Rapid Application Development

Leverage our comprehensive RAD solutions to quickly deliver quality applications

Rapid Application Development (RAD) enables enterprises to deliver quality applications as quickly as possible, while employing limited resources. Although businesses can simply employ open source programs to quickly develop their own apps, it is more advantageous to look to an expert solutions vendor that can provide you the right technology, as well as guide you through the whole RAD cycle.

Prudent Consulting offers a number of tools and robust programming systems that developers need to build quality graphical user interfaces, produce extremely fast code, and reduce product development time, while generating efficient executable code. To ensure seamless and quick app development while keeping costs to a minimum, we work closely with our clients – from requirements planning, user design, construction, to cutover phase. We provide our clients a comprehensive set of RAD tools for data integration, requirements gathering, data modeling, and code generation.

Product Development

Accelerate time-to-market through our innovative Product Development solutions

With today’s competitive business environment, there is a constant evolution of new technology and products with quicker product release times. To stay ahead of the competition, enterprises should look to solutions that can enable them to make use of their scarce resources wisely, ensure low-cost product development, and offer competitive pricing. They must also demand for shorter execution cycles and agile methodologies to ensure faster go-to-market with quality and efficiency.

At Prudent Consulting, we leverage our product development experience and expertise and well-defined processes to ensure effective product development. Our team of professionals can help you accelerate time-to-market by reducing process and IT system complexities, improve product quality by ensuring access to the right data at the right time, and manage the cost of product development operations for both existing and new product lines. We can bring you a flexible engagement model that provides the right scale and bandwidth, ensuring optimal cost and product quality.

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